Type Design

Year 2020
  • Type Design
  • Glyphs App
  • Broad Nib Pen

Segfault is a calligraphically inspired typeface with sharp serifs and a geometric logic.

Segfault was my final project for a type design independent-study I devised as an undergrad at Knox College. I have continued working on it since I graduated in March 2020. It is a work in progress as I finish and refine the Latin-1 set and draw the italic.

My glyphs move iteratively through analog and digital modes of drawing.
The face was originally designed as a display face, but since its initial planning I've come to appreciate the challenges of designing the texture and color of it at smaller scale.

My independent-study included extensive foundational research; these were some of the most helpful books for anyone interested:

  • Theory of Type Design Gerard Unger
  • Foundations of Calligraphy Sheila Waters
  • Letters of Credit Walter Tracy
  • While You’re Reading Gerard Unger
  • The Stroke: Theory of Writing Gerrit Noordzij

I'm also thankful for the criticism that I received from some kind people who volunteer their time with Type Crit Crew.