Love Letters

Public Art Piece for Chicago's Art on theMART

Year 2021–2022
  • Technical Art
  • Graphics Programming
  • Processing
  • After Effects
  • Yuge Zhou | Director
Other Contributors
  • Hannah Santistevan | Choreographer
  • Rebecca Huang, Xavier Núñez | Performers
  • Ori Zur | Music
  • Mary Franck | Technical Artist
  • Viktor Gerasimovski | Videography
  • Parker Nyquist | Lighting

Love Letters portrays a lively courtship dance between two urban dwellers making the journey towards a union amidst the labyrinth of a city. The ten-minute dance video incorporates colorful architectural shapes and culminates with tender gestures that generated magnetic energy. The video was projected nightly onto Merchandise Mart's facade as part of the Fall 2022 program at Art on theMART, a prominent public art platform in Chicago.

My work for Love Letters is in the third act when the two dancers finally meet and begin their magnetic encounter. The nature of the dance is in the space between the dancers. The visual effects which I programmed complement this push and pull feeling between them, as their gestures slowly develop to be all encompassing.

Photo by Michael Salibury
Photo by New Pixel Films
Photo by Viktor Gerasimovski