A Cyborg Manifesto

Book Design

Year 2019
  • Typography
  • Editorial Design
  • Bookmaking
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Processing
  • Awl, needle, thread

I designed and bound a version of Haraway's foundational text A Cyborg Manifesto into a 60 page book. Specific page materials and typographic treatment were my focus.

An opened book showing a white page with narrow columns of blue text and a diffused metallic page opposite it.

The cover is an off-white 120lb sheet with vintage floral wallpaper. The back cover is 1/8" white acrylic. When holding the book, the reader is always touching at least three different materials at the same time.

An open book with a golden floral wallpaper page opposite a white page with blue text.

Insert pages of different materials serve to complement and divide the text including: metallic and transluscent papers, loose synthetic fiber mesh, and fuzzy yellow felt.